FreeSpace Series/FreeSpace 2/日本語化プロジェクト/Release Log


  • Fixed a bug that fonts are not rendered properly on Radeon.
  • It now works fine with anti-aliasing enabled on your video driver.


  • Fixed a bug that causes crash to desktop on Vista (Japanese EXE).
  • Upgraded explosion effects for big ships.
  • Additional effect when beam is penetrating an object.
  • Small explosions are now generated for laser impact on hull.
  • Weapon impact against big ships now randomly generates larger explosions than standard impact effects. This simulates explosions of ship's surface. Less hull strength of a ship results in more frequent generation of larger explosions.
  • Explosions of bombs are now bigger than before.
  • Spark particles are now motion blurred.
  • A fix to prohibit that far missile trails are rendered as dashed line.
  • Some misc adjustments of visual effects.


  • 1st release for GoG version.
  • All missions are now translated into Japanese.

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